Friendly Reminder: It Won’t happen overnight


I started my fitness journey December 28, 2013. Between my depression and need to find something constructive to do with my time, I decided to hop on board with my other friends who worked out regularly. I mean I literally was like the only friend who would be like, Oh, you’re going to the gym? Catch ya after! lol as I sat in my apartment and did literally NOTHING. I had done Bikram Yoga earlier in the year, and did some other fitness activities in the year but I just wasn’t committed to it.

I’ve never been one who obsessed over my body or what it looked like, I figured oh well I like it, and I’m sure my man does too! But once my “man” was gone, I started to critically look at myself and noticed I could adjust a few things. Hence, I decided, let’s give this fitness thing a try. So I started a protein meal replacement lifestyle and started eating salads and just anything healthier than I used to eat. When I first started I was over 200 pounds and I couldn’t even jog on the treadmill longer than 5 minutes (however, I could speed walk my ass off!) lol. But something different was in me this time, I was motivated, I was determined. I would workout with Erika and then I finally decided you know what, let me just join a gym, so I joined Yep! Fitness and started pushing myself. Surrounded by people who wanted nothing more than to get healthy, workout and just look great. It’s a change of pace from the major gyms with multiple locations and people who snobbishly look at you because you aren’t as fit as they are.

Unfortunately/Fortunately I reached a plateau in my workout and when I say I literally cried on the treadmill as I pushed myself to the next level, I almost couldn’t see straight (lol, it’s funny now thinking about it). However, I pushed myself, I listened to the support of my friends and I have to remember that I didn’t gain the weight overnight, and it’s not going to go away overnight.

“Hard work will pay off, and once you reach your goal, you know you will never get back to where you used to be. Your fitness journey is delayed gratification, but it’s bigger than just dropping pounds, you are bettering your health.” – Erika V.

When I read that I had to remember that this is a journey, not a race. Of course I want to see results, but I have to be patient with myself and allow my body to adapt to the work I’m putting in.

“What you are doing now is correcting the results from years of bad habits. Your fitness journey much like life, is an uphill battle. You are proving to yourself and those around you that you will no longer be a victim to your body. You have control. Congratulate yourself on the work that you are doing and claim the work you know you will do in the future.” – Dondre C.

Summer 2k13 to Winter 2k14 I can’t even explain the amount of positive support I get from my friends, along with the backhanded comments like, “Oh you’re looking good, BUT..” which to me are nice however also hindering to my own performance, but I have to remember I’m doing this for MYSELF, not others. On the left is me in late summer 2013, and on the right is me currently. (Sorry I’m not fully dressed but you really can’t see the progress in my too big clothes I still wear) However, I have lost 28 pounds thus far, and I honestly don’t know how many more pounds I’m going to lose, but I’m comfortable with my journey and my successes, I just have to stay focused!


Thanks for reading,

xoxo- Lo.


7 comments on “Friendly Reminder: It Won’t happen overnight

  1. quarternotelife
    March 4, 2014

    And focused you will stay!


  2. Wilma Jones
    March 4, 2014

    You go, girl! So proud of your efforts.


  3. Thank you so much!!! It’s a struggle some days but I know I won’t appreciate it if it comes easy!


  4. because of precious, lovely friends like you! love you!


  5. Ashley Morris
    March 5, 2014

    Yes! So inspiring!!!!!


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